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Tori Smith

Social Media Coordinator, Side by Side Kids

"Rachel is extremely talented, skilled and hard-working, yet still humble. If you are lucky enough to work with someone like Rachel, you can expect to work with someone who communicates clearly and effectively, who always has a positive attitude, who approaches any assignment with passion and excitement, who consistently goes above and beyond expectations, and who goes out of her way. I've loved getting to work with Rachel and highly recommend her."


Megan Carjaval


"I am most impressed by Rachel’s adaptability and eagerness to learn. She is intelligent, organized, helpful and most importantly, she was very, very good at her job. Having worked in fund development for more than 15 years and managed multiple teams, I can confidently say that any development team would be lucky to have Rachel. She’s got what it takes to work in fundraising and while she knows it, she doesn’t have an ego about it."


Lisa Olian

Graphic Designer at Vital Farms

"Rachel pours her heart into every inch of her work. Even in the midst of busy work-days, she always made sure to intentionally schedule time with me to discuss design projects, make sure I had all the information and materials I needed, and most importantly, she offered words of encouragement from start to finish of every project. Rachel's consistency also sets her apart - her attitude did not waiver (regardless of what was on her plate). I know that her humility will continue to set her up for success."


Bailey Urban

Graduate Assistant at McCombs School of Business (The University of Texas at Austin)

"Rachel always exceeds expectations, goes the extra mile, encourages and supports those who work with and for her to extraordinary depths, and faithfully persists despite adversity. She is an optimist, yet unafraid to challenge standards and norms. She asks thoughtful questions and is incredibly patient. Rachel is a humble, hungry servant leader who is an asset to any organization."


Joselyn Parker

Founder, CEO, SPEAK Project Ohio

"Rachel was phenomenal. Her work is very clean and professional. I will certainly use her services again. She is amazing and timely!"

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Marti Bier

United Way For Greater Austin

"Rachel has been a huge asset to our campaign team and a great person to work with. She has a courteous, adaptable, and professional demeanor and can work with all types of people, which has proven an incredibly important skill in working with hundreds of different personalities at state, federal and nonprofit agencies."


Yulu Jiang

Studentlife Tilburg

"Rachel contributed greatly - establishing effective public relations and conducting excellent leadership in international student work."