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I'm Rachel and I know exactly what small nonprofits want, but often can't afford: successful fundraising plans, engaging social media strategies, and effective marketing collateral. Those have become my sweet spots over the last 6+ years of nonprofit work. Simply put, I'm a fundraising and marketing consultant for nonprofits.

I believe in work that benefits social good. That's why I'm on a mission to help nonprofits and service providers of nonprofits like you spend less money to raise more by collaborating, coaching, and training you to reach your goals with the best practices in the field.

My most requested services include:

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PR + Strategy

think: press releases, advertisements, annual plans, capital campaigns

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think: blogs, email marketing, website content, social media content

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Web + Print Design

think: websites, marketing collateral, crowdfunding campaigns

Let me help your nonprofit spend less money to raise more.